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shipping - Parafina & Co


We wish you start enjoying your new Parafina shades ASAP! The delivery time depends on different factors such as your region and importation law of your country. Please find below a estimate time range per region.

Note we will keep you posted at all time about the status of your order!

    • Shipping times are calculated in hours / working days.

    • The delivery times in Spain and Portugal for its islands and other geographical regions that are not the peninsular ones can be slightly superior.

    • Delivery times in EE. UU for the states of Hawaii and Alaska may be slightly superior.

    • The times for countries outside Continental Africa may be slightly higher superior.

    • Delivery times for Asia and Oceania may be slightly superior for New Zealand.

    • These times are indicative. Masaya Complementos S.L and its subsidiaries reserve the right to modify or alter this information with no prior notice.