About Parafina CO.

Our philosophy is simple. We create pieces that are eco-friendly, social and radical in its design. We're in the industry to make an impact. Cause small voice can make it major.

In Parafina we're devoted to design eyewear that blends eco-friendly materials with seamless functionality. All our collections - inspired by nature, combines manufacturing technology and unique hand-crafted tradition. We strive to share a purpose, by launching eyewear that is not only eco, light and 100% allergic free, but also a perfect accessory for the daily routine.

Brand Protection

We are committed to producing quality products with a fine regard for detail. To ensure the integrity of Parafina Co. products, we have implemented strict quality control standards and have partnered with trusted distributors and retailers around the world. This established relationship with authorized retailers ensures that our customers receive exceptional service and quality products, along with a Parafina's leading warranty service.

Parafina's success has made it a target of counterfeiters and unauthorized retailers selling inferior products to unsuspecting customers. When Parafina-branded products or look-alikes are purchased from unauthorized retailers, we cannot guarantee the quality or authenticity of the products, making them ineligible for Parafina's warranty protection. Therefore, warranty claims must be accompanied by acceptable proof of purchase from an authorized Parafina retailer.

Unfortunately, we regularly hear from customers who accidentally purchased counterfeit products online.  We encourage customers to avoid purchasing Parafina Co. products from unauthorized retail channels such as flea markets, discount websites and third-party marketplaces. Aside from the risk of receiving inferior products (or no products at all), personal information and credit card details may be vulnerable to theft or fraud, and proceeds from these purchases may be utilized to fund illegal activities.

If you suspect that a company or individual is advertising or selling counterfeit or unauthorized Parafina Co. products, please contact us at aloha@parafina.co